Sunday, July 11, 2004

Totally New

Vikram has been incorrigibly unpredictable yet a stable chaotic system since his birth. As his own word goes for all of us BAND OF NINE, we all are miserably beautiful, erratically exciting and fuckingly cool guys (including him!!!) . I have been ever jealous of him during my stay with him during my IIT days. My inelegant way of pronouncing the polysyllabic Hindi and English words was the source of constant of entertainment for my wingmates. While, unlike me, Vikram , though hails from the same part of India as do I, can weave webs of words around all of us in a very poetic manner and his eloquence and etymological calibre left me in a unbelievable state of scariness . The phonophobia in me for English and Hindi reasons back me to him. But, time and again his surprising elements through his poems never dies. I got a snail mail from him few days ago (in this age of Internet and all !!!) and this poem accompanied that letter.

Totally New

Totally new to this
I thought I would miss
But then came the target
It was a claen hit

Totally new to that
I thought I was bad
But then came the light
It was a start act

Totally new to act
I knew I would fart
But flew past the first note
And I sang till the last

Totally new to the vast sea
Sure was I to first pee
But then came the king wave
And I stoked a killing spree

Totally new to the act of love
I declared I was a sitting duck
But then came by the prettiest girl
And we redefined the meaning of fuc*

Totally New to the core emotions
Somewhere inside was a starnger me
But then came my first child
A relection set a father free

Moments Unparalelled,
My life unbounded
Unfolded before me
Generation of LOVE.

Everything I did
I did for the FIRST time
Every single thing
Strange except one...

Totally new to this world line
I thought I must have cried
But them claimed my wonderful life
Haven't a smiling man died !!!


BD said...

hey mohanty .. whats Vikram doing outside the blogging community?...pull him in!! dude

Amit Mohanty said...

BD ..Jado is an Ass****. He is not a typical procrastinator. He is preparing for his quals which is on 30 AUg. LOL..LOL..LOL..

vikRAM said...

Introduction of the author was more poetic.