Sunday, July 11, 2004

Procrastination and Blogger

BD says procrastination is an addiction. Although I could not agree with him more, but I think the biggest addiction is the blogging. Every night, you feel like spending those few precious hours of graduate sleep over bloggin. When you are doing slow simulations in some P3 comp, then you open up blogger to read blogs of your friends unknowingly. And in the end,you realise you simulation has given some wired results, to interpret it you will probably call some PhDs or you will be fainted to unconsiousness thinking that you have to redo the simulation because of some goofy errors. Its all because of blogging. But, I can't do away with it I think. Just 24 hours but I have been addicted to it like BD.

I was reading Ankan's blogs and that PhD qualifier stuff really got a hell outta me. I have yet to appear in PhD quals.

Since last 24 hours I have spent 60% of the time creating my webpage, rather helping BD creating my webpage. And then linking my bloging page to my webpage. Is this meaningful for a grad student? Answer for this question is another question. Do grad student do anythign meaningful? Anyway, I can say I learnt a lot about CSS Style Sheets and above all, it all fun and no work.

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BD said...

Well blogging is a form of procrastination, although a typical grad procrastinator like me would treat it like a creative hobby. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy dude!!.