Saturday, July 10, 2004

Biswanath Dutta and My First BLOG

This is my first blog. I exactly don't understand my feelings now. May be the early morning laziness has made me numb.Now, should I say "Hello World" or just keep writing my first blog as if I don't know no-one? Last few days have been not so pleasant for me with my guide testing my endurance limit and me submitting to his wishes with a smile on face and pain in a**.

Anyway, but in between this dark patches of life, people like Biswanath Dutta comes in from nowhere. Just a phone call to say "hi" or to buzz me at yahoo Messenger. Our undergraduate days have seen us discussing books, SUTTAS, Engineering, SEX and LOVE. We discussed everything. I started doing so many thigns for the first time being inspired by BD, as we all fondly call him. Be it LaTeX or be it my webpage. Yet again he has done it. I am writing my first blog being inspired by him.

So, no "Hello World" for me, its like "Hello BD" for me. I learn many thigns from everyone in the world and more so from you.

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BD said...

hehe thanx buddy ..