Monday, July 26, 2004

Perspicacity and Car

Jeet was with me when we were learning the car this weekend. And he was about to  hit a girl. Jeet was the driver and the girl was furious. He is the biggest flirt I have seen and thank god,  we escaped from the scene.

Girl: You ass**** !! What do you think you are doing? What do you think...
Jeet: I think you are amazingly beautiful.
Girl: Excuse Me !!!
Jeet: I think I was thinking about you and I hit you.
Girl: (Somewhat, soothing ..) You was about to hit me. You learning?
Jeet: (Smilingly) Yeah !!!
Girl: Drive safe, man !!!
Jeet: Yeah, I will.
Girl: OK. Bye and have a nice day.
Jeet: (Still smiling.) I have some other plan.
And we get into the car.


BD said...

smooth...very smooth

abhinav sharma said...

ahem.... nice one...
see, i finally wrote something!!!