Monday, July 26, 2004

Don't Look at My Pants

This is one of my friends, with whom I happened to go around the campus in some sunny day, few weeks ago may be. Donning the mantle of rebellion, he is a stud with a cocky confidence and hedonism with elan. But, there is this one thing I hate about him. With my limited intelligence quotient, I don't understand the need for him to look at those parts of a girl's body, though I have all my libido as a boy intact. But, every time???  May be the dress designer got the measurement absolutely wrong so that some of anatomy is not covered or may be it is some outfit malfunction !! (Anyway, that happens so often here in US that I wonder who teaches these people math here.)  That is a too silly an excuse for me though. This thing continues when he is having a conversation too. Whatever may be the reason, I would kill the girl if she looks at my pants while talking to me. I just wonder if the girls don't feel the same way.  I do believe girls deserve better respect than that.


Ratan said...

Well Monty Da, men are from mars and women are from venus but if u gonna look at their pant they are pissed but u don't look there, u r more interested in somewhere else.

Amit Mohanty said...

:) Yeah..they do are form Venus..but i am confused about my origin