Friday, July 16, 2004


What Vijay is to Amitabh B, Rahul is to Sahrukh Khan. It is the most used screen name for Khan films and those were immensly popular back in India and abroad. Being a matured Khan-fan, though I discuss with Vikram how ridiculous some of the Khan movies are; but I do admit that I like him. The way he carries himself off the screen and the way he miscarries on screen and the way he preaches love-funda in his movies.  And, above all his love story with Gauri Khan, his wife. But, I hate this name Rahul.
For someone like me, who pronounces Cricket is my religion and Sachin is my GOD , it is difficult to see Rahul scoring more than Sachin. I hate it.  Again, it happened today. To everyone's surprise, UAE guys got rid of top three batsmen of India, but unlike soccer, a blazing instantaneous spark of excellence can't win you matches. You gotta be consistence. Rahul scored a century and was man-of-the-match.
But, to my utter surprise, it did not hurt me that much as it would have hurt few days ago. Sachin failing and Dravid scoring. Fact is that, some people like Dravid more than Sachin and I love them more than I like Sachin.
Anyway, just hope Saurabh dada stops thinking " Every match is a test for me".And gets back Asia Cup.

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