Saturday, July 31, 2004

My Father's Name

People, from back West Asia, especially, from India have this problem may be. But, it is really funny to watch some of the activities of them. This guy is there to get a ticket from Champaign to West Lafayette, Purdue and gave his credit card to the Afro-American Girl at the counter.

Girl: What is you father's name?
Guy: Excuse me.
Girl: I asked your father's name?
Guy: (Paused Astonished. With an accented English this time) Why ya need tha?
Girl: To issue the ticket. ( Girl is equally amused and astonished.)
Guy: Why the hell you need my father's name? (Guy thinking...My dad is not single. He is
happily married to my mom.)
Girl: (Angry, annoyed and amazed) I need your first name , Sir. Not your father's name.
Guy: Thats on my credit card.
Girl : Oho...

Witness to this event were Mitrabhanu Sahu and Vikram Jadhao , both doing their PhD in Physics, UIUC. The guy is me. I guess I made a follow up to the blog written by Ankan.

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ankan said...

You cant be serious...!!!