Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Ghost of A Pseudo Man

In the middle of the night, I wake up to find there is no bed I am sleeping on, there is no one I am sleeping with , and there is no myself on the bed.  I get up in the morning to get myself into the bathroom (or restroom !!)  and stand before the mirror naked to find out, the mirror does not show me. Probably, lights even don't care to repflect and refract from my skin. I have become may be too porous for the light. My heart has melted into the air and soul, which I never found, was missing. With the open bright sunlight outside and the melancholy in the soothing breeze, I venture out my adventure to my lab. Its morning by now.
There will be piles of unedited programs, randomly placed print outs and my lab mates would ask me " Amit, where the fuck have you been?" I have nothign but a synthetic smile to add, which would send them the reply that I have no interest in them. Then suddenly, someone would tell me my advisor has called me and left a messeage. I would visit him with slow but steady foot and he would say all good words for my effort. I will stick my head to the computer till the rest of day increasing my eye power from 2 to 3 diapter. And as I woudl feel sleep, I will think that its night now and I must go to the apt.
Next day, when I come to lab and ask about the yesterday , everyone would say that I had not been to the lab yesterday and when ask them the thing they asked me yesterday, they would say they don't use the f-word in the lab. May be it was a ghost of a pseduo-man who visited my lab yesterday. 

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