Friday, July 16, 2004

Free Priceless Things

Have you ever wondered that the thing which you complain about most, you can't really live without it ? I have , I think. You complain most when you have a lot of anticipation from something and when you have a lot of aniticipation, that indicates you need that thing most in life and can't possibly do away with it. I have a lot of anticipation from Rain. There will be a time, when you think Rain has two facets, may be three or may be it is a multi-faceted thing, but truth is that you simply can't live without it. Biologically, its important and its has a face of humanity and love too, apart from that. As Narasana goes, many priceless things are associated with it.
With no offence to BD, I must admit though the post by him about rain was a universal hit in blogger community; but the thing which was the masterpiece was the comment by Narasana. It reminds me about the fact in life that most of the priceless things in the world are free and just at a inch away from you. OK, a nano-inch away. But, its about opening up your eyes and have a look and then a grab. No point scavenging life for shitty things , as we do, or atleast as I used to do. My priceless thing was so close to me and just that I had to make a move and all happiness bestowed upon me after that. 
It was so nice to find many friends like Narsana and Mitra all on blogger community and writing pieces of their beautiful mind. This guy Saurabh is an awesome awesome guy and his English is better than that of an average American ( No offence Uncle SAM..Truth is truth is afterall. ) Its not about English only, guys are recommended to go to his blogger and find out more about this guy.
Good work Narsana and Saurabh !!!! 


vikRAM said...

Very True!

s! said...

hey buddy.. thank you for your glowing praise!! it feels awesome that i am getting to reach out to so many people!! though dude, i am embarrassed now, will have a lot of pressure to live upto as i update my blog!!!