Sunday, July 18, 2004


I really feel downtrodden with the situation I am currently having. I really hate when I can't blog. Thesis blue always changes its color and anticipates me to catch it up with me. Though I am done with 50% of my thesis work, many things yet remain to be done. Initially, I was afraid if I will be able make my thesis even a 100 pages or not. Now, I am having so much of work and as I am writing thesis, I have been poured more and more liquid work; I am afraid how I am going to keep my thesis with in 150 pages. I am writing a lot of shit in my thesis I guess. I would have loved to have a more organized thesis. Sensor Fusion, System ID..Man, come on ...Its not an encyclopedia of Mechanical Engineering.

After long time I met Kanchan today. He (yeah..He !!!) is also from IITKGP. With him I feel so much like myself. In KGP where the profanity starts with MAA and ends in the same polysyllabic word, it is a pleasure to talk with him with the same degree of profanity.


BD said...

Who is this kanchan guy?

Amit Mohanty said...

Kanchan Mondal, RKites..chem guy..doin his postdoc..will be a prof here in somedays i guess:D