Thursday, July 15, 2004

Does Size Matter?

The engineers and scientists out there in the industry and academia are scratching there head after the dotcom blast and then its collapse. What is the next thing that is going to create the same influx of money into their pockets? Well, if the Wall Street is to be belived then its the NANOTECHNOLOGY. So guys who are researching in that field are advised to be elated, atleast for time being. According to Wall Street, the money into nanotech start ups are flowing in a same way as it was 10 years ago into the software start ups. But, again it also asked to beware of the hype that is created around the start ups.

So, probably after Microsoft, now its NanoHard which is going to make dollar greener. Size does not matter. BD, are you listening?



BD said...

I am still in microtech (not nanotech) ... there is Im still one course away to nanotech though..Its QUANTUM PHYSICS?... Jadhao can you help me?

Amit Mohanty said...

Jadhao can't help himself man. I am really angry with him. He is like still not updared his blogger.