Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Price of being Messy

I have been messy since my childhood. Mama used to say life is a box of chocolates and I have been believing her words since then but never ceased to be messy. I scattered my books all around the tiny world of mine which Mama called our home. She did not say a word, but came and kissed my head. I ate sweets on the bed and thus making my dad's pillow haven for ants which would bite his ears. Dad was so fearful, but ironically he came smiled and twisted my ear. I swear Dad was so skillful that it never hurt me.

I never organised my books, I never had my notes ready. I wore someone else's T shirt sometime. I crammed stuffs from Rohit Singh's note book and during job interviews someone else's trouser, someone else's tie. Nothign never fitted me and I never fitted to any job, company folks thought.

I kept my recommendation letter for Stanford under the keyboard of my computer and last date elapsed then I realised I have not applied for Stanford though I wasted my dad's 80$ by completing the form online. By the way my dad earns around 200$ per month in back India. My dad came to know and laughed so much as if I said some joke. I really doubted his mental ability.

So if I am so messy, all fault goes to my parents and my friends who have always encouraged me to do so.

In a grad's life, where everything is procrastinated for eternity, guess how will you feel if you have to redo a old stuff being awake for two nights. I will go freak, man !! And exactly that is what I am now. If you guys are kind enough to go to my research page which starts with an erotic line "Research is like sex..." you will find a link to the paper for IMECE conference. Suddenly after I lost count of where I placed the paper, my advisor asked for the paper and I was like I am dreaming some nightmare or what. Somehow I got hold of the paper in PDF format but yet I had to do a lot of work converting into Microsoft Word. ( If anybody needs any consulatation regarding this, he is most welcome.). Now loss of one night of graduate sleep in mental turmoil and another for working is what I paid for being messy.

But, surely one thing .. I love my parents a lot, and I swear I do, for spoiling me ; and I really like my friends for allowing me to remain unfitted for any good thing in the world. I wish I could say such words for other people.

Again, I have more serious incidents which I can tell you. Had those not been very personal, I could tell you what real price I paid for being messy.


Ashley said...

I'm sorry but I don't understand your comment on my post... I hadn't been talking about love.
Let me know

Vishal Varshney said...
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BD said...

Amazing article...its very touchy...keep it up dude...