Monday, September 27, 2004

New Adobe

Today, in fact, one hour ago, I registered the domain Finally I am having a net room and I feel elated. Maybe, after 8-9 hours they will actiave it. Lets see where I go from there.

A Deserving Night Out

Not that I never tried; not that I never get motivation; not that I don't try to make mine like any other myriads of blogs (No pun intended. There are good ones like that of Vikram !! ) who publish poems; but I simply can't. The words, the clean web of thoughts and the intensity never comes to me. I mean, its strange, really it is. When I try, at times I become miserably romantic , sometimes I am astoundingly arrogant and rest of the time I am sleeping. I try my hands at story writing, but I just don't have the patience to begin the end. So, probably you will find many adhuri kahanis in my cupboard, in my bath room and on my desktop. There is no end to the end of my stories. Yet, every day I craft one and every day, I regret not to complete. Recently, I am reading some books on "13498 Methods of Killing " by anonymous, so that I can enough knowledge about how to write a Sherlock Homes. My problem is that I never really read a fiction. Recently, when I am 23; I finished all the volumes of Harry Potter; before that..hmm..Well let me remember. By the way, the stuff like Playboy and Penthouse belong to the class of fiction, isn't it? Well, well, well, I never read those. Anyway, so writing is just not my cup of tea.

I can only write blogs. May be I can write few self-glorifying phrases on my website. I had a whole sleepless night to modify my blog and my webpage as I plan to host my website on a personalized cyberspace. And I have started looking for a cheap place, where I don't need to flow much of my dollars and yet service should be good. Any suggestion is always welcome. I have been trying to hear the music of Swades, but Ragga does not connect for that movie. Seems that a lot of of people are listening to the streaming audio. But, sometime I will have my share of luck.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Did this guy inspire SWADES?

I am an avid Shahrukh Khan fan, for many reasons. So, when I saw blog of BD regarding the release of his new film SWADES, in which he plays a role of a NASA scientist who returns to India, for he has left something which he can't find at NASA, I was thrilled. The promos of the movie is really impressive, atleast the first one. While wandering in thoughts about the movie, I just thought about this guy. Is he the inspiration for the movie?

A simple looking guy, with an attire that would resemble any college-goer, a deep bespectacled pair of eyes, the smile that would tell you that he is too content with his life. Goes to his boss and says:

"I want to resign."
"I want to go back to my own country."
" Why you want to go to your country? We are paying you the best in the world and you are one of the finest computer scientist in our whole company."
"Yet! I want to go?"
"What would it take our company to make you stay?"
"Adobe India!!!"

Rest is probably a story told many times all over the news media. He started the Adobe India from scratch and bang bang !!! Now, it accounts for the 20% of the whole business of Adobe. And, those still could not identify the guy, he is Naresh GOD Gupta, IITK Comp Sc. , President Gold Medalist. And is he the inspiration of SWADES? May be or may be not !!! May be, this is not his life being told on the screen. But, who cares? This would not make him less of a hero.This story is probably a history, someday the history would be legend and legend would be myth (!!!). But, this inspiring tale would never cease to exist.

Friday, September 17, 2004

The tale of sine and cosine

"He never believed in the theroy of time, atleast as proposed by Einstein. His watch sometime showed the time which people back there in India followed and then sometimes, it showed the Eastern Time. He tried to make things as time invariant as possible. The assignments and the proposal defense winked and disappeared as the smoke in the air. Then the time to reconsile. Sometimes pretty soon and sometimes pretty fast."
"Knock ..Knock..."
After so much of pain and patience and determination and perseverance and what not, I was just trying to write a blog after such a long time and trying to sound as cool as possible; sometimes as if I am having an I-Don't-Care attitude and sometimes feigning as if I really care and then throughly confusing myself what to write next. And this knock on the door. I really did not knwo what I felt . The pleasure of being escaped from a state of utter confusion or the indignation of being disturbed.
"Hey, Aaameet ! Whats ye doin? May I come in?"
"You are already inside dick." Well, the guy is Dick Morgan. (Name changed to hide identification.)
"He He. Listen Man, didya do that freakin assignment . I am snail slow at doin it , Man. And this
James guy, he wants it on Monday."
"Hmm.. Go ahead." The assumption that James guy is the professor will fetch you ten outta ten.
"Can you help me out , Man? See, I did it as told, not gettin the mu****#$%$ answer ,Man."
"Hmm...Oho..Okay." A moment of silence and moments were longening into seconds and seconds into minutes and he was really getting worried as the quata of nothignness reached his two sensory organs, which were initially dangling from his head and now , they were up like a pair of antenna with pigments of red.

"I think you took the cosine vaule of 60 degree instead of sine of the same. See.."
"How do you know that freaking number 0.5 or whatever is the value of sine of 60.."
Interupting.." Thats cosine of 60."
"Whatever.. You never told me, Man. You know, if I know this trick this will help me a lot. "
Arbitarily and out of context. " Dick, tell me do you look into you state ID when I ask your name?"
"Nothign. Actually its not that difficult. You diffentiate the sine and you get the cosine. So, if you
know the cosine , you know the sine."
"Thats cool. But, how do you know what is cosine?"
"Well, integrate sine."
"Hmm. pretty cool. Now, I know your secret."
"Right, so you may be lost in some island and sitting on the shore thinking about some yatch and thinking what your girl friend doing last friday when you were lost in the sea, yet you can know the sine and cosine."
"Wow...Hey, did you do your assignment ?"
"No, I am yet to lost in some island. I will see you tomorrow. I have this work to do, update my blog and all. A hell lot of work."
"Okay. You take care, Aaameet. See you tomorrow in the class."
"Yeah......(slowly).......EXPECTO PATRONUM....."


P.S. I watched the movie "Kyuin Ho Gaya Naa?". Ash was at her natural grace and the guy was looking cool. Once again they wasted Bachhan Sr. The only moment of respite is in the climax when you have got see Diya Mirza smiling and the movie ends.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Computer

I have been not bloggig since long and excuse me for that those ardent fans of seeing something meaningless and crappy on the net. Finding an excuse is never hard for me. Escaping from the routine massacre is not that difficult for me. If I have to hearken the prophecy, then the nemesis is out, out to massacre the procrastinating tryst with my graduate life. The thesis work is taking unusually long time. I have been having difficult time getting them written, I mean properly written in the format as specified by the graduate school. Thank God, there is something better than Microsoft Word. Not a word to be spoken about it. I find it simply disgustign at this stage.

Now, that I have got a new Dell Dimention 3000 at my apartment and also the high speed (yeah, note the word high speed!!) net connection, I can scribe somthing in my blogger. (Ironically I am writing this from my lab.) And , someday I will...............

P.S.: The soundtrack of Alexander is cool like the movie trailors . go to