Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Computer

I have been not bloggig since long and excuse me for that those ardent fans of seeing something meaningless and crappy on the net. Finding an excuse is never hard for me. Escaping from the routine massacre is not that difficult for me. If I have to hearken the prophecy, then the nemesis is out, out to massacre the procrastinating tryst with my graduate life. The thesis work is taking unusually long time. I have been having difficult time getting them written, I mean properly written in the format as specified by the graduate school. Thank God, there is something better than Microsoft Word. Not a word to be spoken about it. I find it simply disgustign at this stage.

Now, that I have got a new Dell Dimention 3000 at my apartment and also the high speed (yeah, note the word high speed!!) net connection, I can scribe somthing in my blogger. (Ironically I am writing this from my lab.) And , someday I will...............

P.S.: The soundtrack of Alexander is cool like the movie trailors . go to http://www.alexanderthemovie.com


BD said...

hey mohanty congrats man!!!

s! said...

good to see you back.. :-))