Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Chicago Erotica

As he graduated, one of my friends here in Carbondale moved to Detroit, Michigan to his cousins; so that he can again lead the same story of a new Desi graduate searching a job. Procrastination will not do anymore. So, we people went to Chicago to drop him off. Then he took a train to Detroit.

Before we could return to Carbondale we had some time to have a look at downtown Chicago. They say if you have not been to NY then you must go to Chicago. Downtown Chicago near the lakeshore is secondmost auspicious place for lovers I guess, Times Square being the Mecca. I heard someone saying "If you have my tears in your eyes and I have yours in mine; then that's more passionate that smooching." But, if you are near Lake Michigan; you don't need no tears, you don't need no kissing. Every moment you spend with your girl at that place will be a redefining moment for you. These are the few rare occasions when I get romantic and cruising down the shore in Chicago is one of them.

But, you can't love when you have an empty stomach. Searching a place , to be more specific a desi place, we drove to Devon Street. It is like India amidst USA. They have got things like Hamdard Medicare, Patel Brothers, Maa Laxmi Jewelleries. And mind you, the gold jewelleries which you find there are 22 Ct. unlike 10 or 12 like rest of US. There is this Gandhi Street and Jinnhan Street, named after father of our nation and father of a friendly neighbouring country Pakistan. There is this place GAREEB NAWAAZ I would recoomend every meat lover to go. The food is cheap and deliciously desi in taste.

Though all my friends were interesting in ogling at summer babes in Chicago, we had to return early , because we had procrastinated the weekend assignments for this Monday night.


BD said...

uploading some photos should help compliment the description of your experience dude!

Amit Mohanty said...
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Amit Mohanty said...

I did not have a webcam, i took some pics though. I will post them later.

ankan said...

that was an interesting read.

waise.. bahut bhari bharkam angrezi likhte ho boss. webpage ka title hi mere ko samajh mein nahin aa raha!

Amit Mohanty said...

Mereko jab samajh mein tereko bata dunga :P

vikRAM said...

A classy piece to shy reality off. Keep it up dude!