Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Did this guy inspire SWADES?

I am an avid Shahrukh Khan fan, for many reasons. So, when I saw blog of BD regarding the release of his new film SWADES, in which he plays a role of a NASA scientist who returns to India, for he has left something which he can't find at NASA, I was thrilled. The promos of the movie is really impressive, atleast the first one. While wandering in thoughts about the movie, I just thought about this guy. Is he the inspiration for the movie?

A simple looking guy, with an attire that would resemble any college-goer, a deep bespectacled pair of eyes, the smile that would tell you that he is too content with his life. Goes to his boss and says:

"I want to resign."
"I want to go back to my own country."
" Why you want to go to your country? We are paying you the best in the world and you are one of the finest computer scientist in our whole company."
"Yet! I want to go?"
"What would it take our company to make you stay?"
"Adobe India!!!"

Rest is probably a story told many times all over the news media. He started the Adobe India from scratch and bang bang !!! Now, it accounts for the 20% of the whole business of Adobe. And, those still could not identify the guy, he is Naresh GOD Gupta, IITK Comp Sc. , President Gold Medalist. And is he the inspiration of SWADES? May be or may be not !!! May be, this is not his life being told on the screen. But, who cares? This would not make him less of a hero.This story is probably a history, someday the history would be legend and legend would be myth (!!!). But, this inspiring tale would never cease to exist.


BD said...

I'm sure there must be a lot many examples other than this. But this one is so close to heart.

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Sumit Kumar said...

photu sahi lagayela hai bhiru is baar :)

BD said...

Aur logo bhi masto hai

Gaurav Mukherjee said...

guru....tusi lookin drop dead handu....sahi hai