Monday, September 27, 2004

A Deserving Night Out

Not that I never tried; not that I never get motivation; not that I don't try to make mine like any other myriads of blogs (No pun intended. There are good ones like that of Vikram !! ) who publish poems; but I simply can't. The words, the clean web of thoughts and the intensity never comes to me. I mean, its strange, really it is. When I try, at times I become miserably romantic , sometimes I am astoundingly arrogant and rest of the time I am sleeping. I try my hands at story writing, but I just don't have the patience to begin the end. So, probably you will find many adhuri kahanis in my cupboard, in my bath room and on my desktop. There is no end to the end of my stories. Yet, every day I craft one and every day, I regret not to complete. Recently, I am reading some books on "13498 Methods of Killing " by anonymous, so that I can enough knowledge about how to write a Sherlock Homes. My problem is that I never really read a fiction. Recently, when I am 23; I finished all the volumes of Harry Potter; before that..hmm..Well let me remember. By the way, the stuff like Playboy and Penthouse belong to the class of fiction, isn't it? Well, well, well, I never read those. Anyway, so writing is just not my cup of tea.

I can only write blogs. May be I can write few self-glorifying phrases on my website. I had a whole sleepless night to modify my blog and my webpage as I plan to host my website on a personalized cyberspace. And I have started looking for a cheap place, where I don't need to flow much of my dollars and yet service should be good. Any suggestion is always welcome. I have been trying to hear the music of Swades, but Ragga does not connect for that movie. Seems that a lot of of people are listening to the streaming audio. But, sometime I will have my share of luck.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you mean you nevr read a Playboy or a Penthouse?

Amit Mohanty said...
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BD said...

Arey try using Raaga in IE instead of firefox...sometimes firefox gives problems.

Amit Mohanty said...

No , i never read those stuff. I just scanevged thru. Is that prohibited by federal law, Anonymous?

s! said...

after all, life's just an 'adhuri kahani'
who you are and then what you will be
enjoy those small things in your day
for they're there to show you the way
from playboy, sherlock to harry potter
maybe writing blogs is what you oughta!

take it easy dude :-))

Amit Mohanty said...

Now if anyone makes words liquid and streamlined, its you, its you and its you....

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