Thursday, August 12, 2004

Voyage of Sindbad

Twenty four hours, three states in US covered, driver lincense one week old, cops caught two times. Well, that sums upto make the voyage. Its no not any Arabian Night story.

6.30 AM -- Purdue, INDIAN. I start off with a crusing speed of 80 miles as the traffic was low and cops were probably still having the hang over of last night just like me, not to catch me. Sometimes, I felt like a ball throw by Akhtar, speed was kissing hundred. I survived to reach my next destination in Champaign.

11.40 AM -- Champaign, ILLINOIS. I rode greyhound (the bus service) to reach Carbondale in 4.30 PM. I rented a car and started off for St Louis, Missouri.

5.00PM-- Mt Vernon. I took the wrong exit and was moving all inside Mt Vernon for fifty minutes. Finally, I got the right path after asking 72 people.

9.40 PM- Still on the route to St. Louis. Got a call from Tarini, BIotech, IITKGP, Batch 2004, that he has arrived at Lambert International Airport. Fcuk !!! OKAY, I said wait for sometime, may be for hour ..How about two hours? I would reach there.

10.10 PM- I missed the exit for Lambert and was inside downtown St. Louis. Four lanes. Speed 70MPH. I was wondering where the hell I was in. A truck passed beside me. I could see in slowly looking towards my right. OK..Truck ..It would pass in quickly. 10 seconds gone. 20 seconds passed by. What the hell it is carrying? KutumMinar or what? Now, another truck on my left and a big, sharp turn. Wow, it must be feelign great to be sandwiched between two slices of trucks. I would exactly feel the way a chicken breast feels when I have that in McChicken. Just that providence wished otherwise and I survived.

10.20 PM-- Some thign flashing on my rear view mirror. What the hell? Why these guys use these colored light flashing all above their head. Hmmmm..Coz they are cops , a lady cop to be specific. My innocence put on my face saved me.

My life is not that expensive, I can probably take it for granted. But, while returning I was a better driver, coz Tarini was with me.


vikRAM said...

hilarious!! tum to sindbad ka baap nikla...waise yeh sindbad kaun tha?

Amit Mohanty said...

With the improbable assumption that you are unaware of Sindhbad, I must add that he is a character from Arabina Nights. Did you ever watch the comedy "Alif Laila" on DD? And don't tell me that you have never read Arabian Nights. Laholbilaquot....

abhinav sharma said...

was that really u driving???????

BD said...

Mohanty don't be surprised at Vikram's ignorance about Arabian Nights and Alif Laila.
While we mere mortals were reading Arabian Nights in our childhood, Vikram was busy solving Quantum String theory. See the difference!

vikRAM said...

abe...kya blogging bhool gaya hai kya......aa jao